Jason Armstrong’s Inspiration: Part II

When filmmaker Jason Armstrong was visiting some friends on their acreage in Northern Ontario, they asked him if he’d ever be interested in filming on their property. It was a resounding yes and production began. Inspiration took 11 days to film.

Jason lives in small-town Norwich, Ontario,  situated between London and Toronto. I asked Jason if finding crew and talent were a problem given his geography. Given his tenacity, he says the opposite is true. It forces you to look outside your community. He found his lead actress, stunt coordinator and DOP in L.A., his soundtrack composer in the U.K., and help from New York. He says it was definitely a collaborative effort financed solely on his own. Looking back, he admits he’d never be able to replicate the quality without the very generous crew (most were previous friends) and the amazing location. The rest of the cast were found through a casting agency,

Because it’s a psychological thriller, Inspiration was shot in the dead of winter for more dramatic effect. It was captured on a Red 1 camera with a GP chip. Filming in an isolated location leaves little room for malfunctioning equipment. With the exception of a couple lights breaking, Jason says it was a great success.

The film is in post, with the audio mix remaining until completion. Once completed he plans to screen it in New York City and the U.K. Upwards of 25 people contributed to the film.

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