Coyote Run (Review)

No better way to start an old 90s film than with landscape shots of a small town and the sound of “Amazing Grace” on a trumpet, the first of many covers in the film. Already I’m bored.

Wait, it changes to two guys coming to meet their drunk friend Pershing (Michael Pare) in a dilapidated home. Moving on, there’s a man named Jack (Alan Fawcett) and his girlfriend Dale (Brea Asher) who attend a poker game and a meet up, while Pershing comes to his job at a police station. Along comes the local in-and-out prisoner, Boot (Robert Morelli) via crop duster to get himself in jail again. Little do Jack, Pershing, and everyone else know about the gangsters in the floor above the game.

Anyways, the poker game is ruined to say the least and Pershing has to rush out with his gun as encouraged by Boot. Jack gets killed, along with Dale, and the gangsters on the other hand escape into their limo, barely avoiding Pershing, giving him a chance to see long-lost man Bosco, real name Clifton Santier (Peter Greene). Pershing ends up getting Boot to fly him to Montreal, because … well, to trace back evidence regarding Dale and Bosco, who does work at a strip joint. Bosco, of course, is busy enjoying his luxurious new life, until he hears about Pershing who is in Montreal with Seira (Macha Grenon), one of his hookers. It isn’t long before the two come in contact, but first Bosco has to send some men after Pershing.

At first this movie was confusing, I’m not usually one for multiple plots as they’re always mixed up and hard to understand. Thankfully the whole movie wasn’t like that. However, that didn’t stop the rest of this movie from being somewhat mundane. The characters were basic and barely showed any variety of traits, and the acting just seemed stiff at times. The dialogue was a mix of semi-funny and not very funny. The scenes were neutral and lacking a lot of story, as it was mostly a policeman shooting gangsters and saving a hooker from danger all too easily. Nothing more. It seemed like a pretty basic film but it wasn’t the most well made. In fact, development didn’t start until an hour in, it seemed.

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