Coming Distractions (Review)

First day of a new job is always scary and awkward when you don’t exactly know everyone just yet. And Coming Distractions shows us an all too familiar feeling in the pilot episode. Rebecca (Felicia Simone) arrives on her very first day and finds herself dealing with hardships as the newest employee. Rebecca’s new job of course is managing employees at Cinema 6, a theatre that tries to provide the very best in 5 theatres (The 6th one is never talked about among employees for mysterious reasons). Problems range from horrific theatre odour to a new arcade video game that showcases pornography on the winning screen and even a killer goose in the parking lot that attacks when you least expect. On top of that, almost all of the employees have some very unique but strange personalities. There’s a creepy young girl who talks in a very sinister manner, a shameless suckup who always tries to make himself look good, and even the antagonists themselves are hilariously vain. With the antagonists around to make matters even more chaotic, they happen to be Rebecca’s former employers who have a plan to ruin her new job and her reputation in her new job at Cinema 6. However everything they do is met with typical yet funny failures that also affect the Cinema 6 Staff in a way.

The pilot episode for this series provides hilarious dialogue and scenarios that one would expect and even not expect at a job working at a theatre. The characters all have interesting personalities that while are somewhat familiar among most people we’ve met at our jobs still provide colour to the workplace and the series as well (Admit, we’ve all had co-workers who were creepy and strange-mannered). And everything looks very professionally done. I got quite a laugh out of the events put together as well as the characteristics. I certainly expect a lot of funny and interesting stories to come out of this funny little series as it continues.

Check out some more about the series here.

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