Call Me By Your Name (VIFF Review)

Back in the summer of 83, somewhere in Northern Italy, a man named Oliver (Armie Hammer) comes to stay for the summer with a family of Italians. And Oliver gets to know this family well, especially the teenage son Elio (Timothee Chalamet). Elio seems unsure of Oliver having a slight hatred for the tall fellow but soon the make an interesting bond as other people in the village seem to enjoy Oliver and his enthusiastic outgoing personality. Even though Elio seems to have a female love interest, he begins to have some other feelings for Oliver as well. And let’s just say this is an exciting and soothing summer for them both.

This was such an interesting film to check out. The plot was a mix of gentle and quite hilarious. Armie Hammer himself is quite an amazing actor himself as he captures Oliver’s exciting outgoing personality, much like someone else I know personally. All of the other performances are well established and perfectly acted by everyone. The entire movie focuses on bonding, and gives people a special vibe about a certain love that’s well, not so common, these days, for reasons…

But still, it’s an impressive film with impressive storytelling and there’s always lots of funny moment to expect from it.

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