Alison (Review)

Where do I begin to tell the story of how great a love can be? Seriously, I don’t know at all.

But however, I know where to begin on this love story. A couple is walking through the night together and already Alison (Jessica Rose) is asking her man Jason (Kristopher Turner) if she dares him to do something. He says she might as well given they’re on the way. Dare to do what? Urinate in public. Nevermind, it looks like things are just going to be very awkward. Alison is obviously drunk and ends up having to be carried home by Jason who fumbles around with his keys and her as they make it home. And yes, it’s one awkward night. It seems like Jason is almost wondering if he should even be in a relationship with this crazy girl at all. Eventually Alison recovers from her ordeals and keeps blaming herself for her bad behaviour but Jason is willing to put up with her because he loves her no matter what. Let bygones be bygones until morning, right? No wait, better to stay up until 4 first and slow down. Next morning it seems like everything has cleared up, or has it?

Well, there’s minimal plot to this story, but it doesn’t need much plot given the beauty and creativity of this short. It starts out strange at first, and slowly becomes more heartwarming as it progresses. The characters are believable and adorable, giving us a true sense of what their love is like. They both make lots of apologies to each other and this is something I can sort of relate to. It’s a film that captures that one element of love where both people are feeling sorry but at the same time they both know that everything’s going to be okay. A rare example of this made into a short film with a delicate feel to it.

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