Abigaelle (Review)

Let’s focus on the subject of reality and fantasy. There’s a thin line between the two, and on some occasions fantasy completely replaces reality. That’s what the focus of this short film is as we explore the character Nassim, played by Karim Arif Gamez. The first several shots consist of him walking along through his high school and buying some candy bars at a corner store. Suddenly, random shot change into a completely different scene as Nassim’s grandfather (Maarrouf Nasser) watches the TV and rants angrily to his wife Warda (Marie Khouri) about it. Nassim escapes reality by sketching in his sketchbook until his grandfather calls him down for dinner. And the majority of the movie consists of Nassim’s basic life as he listens to late night radio while lying in bed, trying out a weight loss chocolate bar, imagining he has a girlfriend, and grieving over his deceased parents at school. Mostly, he imagines that his girlfriend is Abigaelle (Robin Garland), his classmate. However, his fantasies blur the line of reality and that’s when he takes a wrong turn somewhere.

There’s not a whole lot to say about this one, I think everyone knows the rules about letting imagination take over, especially when it’s about a girl you have a crush on. The story seemed to have several different things going on, there wasn’t an awful lot of character traits to be had, and the ending though artistic didn’t quite end in a way that still made sense. The majority of the entire film did seem artistic, but at the same time seemed lacking. It’s like there wasn’t too much that was developed and a lot more that needed work. I just didn’t understand it.

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