A Fork in the Road (Review)

Making decisions isn’t always easy. Personally my decision to watch this or another short from Travelling is similar to how I’m feeling right now.

A young woman named Lisa (Jasmine Chen) has to resolve a small decision. At the beginning, we get nearly a minute and a half of a continuous shot of Lisa walking from her car up to two doors while her iPod plays some jazzy music. The screen splits to show Lisa on the left, and a gay couple on the right setting up dinner in a dining room.

Mike (Christopher Moore) and Paul (Rhys Wyn Trenhaile) talk about how Mike is planning something special for their adopted daughter. And yes, their daughter is Lisa. Anyways, things get a little bit awkward at the dinner. Lisa points out how Mike’s weird voodoo predictions aren’t always right. Paul on the other hand is always trying to take control of everything. They’re all right with Lisa and whatever path she takes.

But when Lisa starts to explain her recent pregnancy, the two men get a bit suspicious about who the father is. Mike even states “I don’t care if he has a criminal record a mile long!”. They’re very open about Lisa’s pregnancy but the way they express their concern and gratitude is very very strange. The tension gets even higher when Lisa tells the real story.

I don’t know how to explain this any further, except that it just wasn’t what I expected. I have nothing against homosexuals as one of my good friends happens to be gay himself. I just feel the story was a bit too rushed and didn’t quite flesh out all the way. And for some odd reason or another, this was put in the Thriller section of Indieflix and the description was wrong. It seems as if the video page is just as confusing as this movie.

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