Top Gambling Movies Made in Canada

Gambling movies are a unique chance to dive into the atmosphere of casinos without an in-person presence. Such films provide viewers with a magnificent storyline and will hardly leave casino enthusiasts indifferent. Besides, it is inevitable to mention that Canadian players may be excited to know that some of the best casino-themed movies were produced in their home country. Therefore, if you have ever hesitated to watch such films, just search for the most appealing one and relish it. Check out an extensive list of the options you may potentially enjoy.

Lucky Girl

Lucky Girl is one of the most impressive movies devoted to the gambling theme. Also known as My Daughter’s Secret Life, it is a film that has become a real hit among devoted gamblers. It was released in 2001, directed by John Fawcett, and has been attracting punters since then. The story tells about a young girl, Kaitlyn, a high school student who is obsessed with gambling. She gradually gets hooked on gambling, pilling up debts.

Through the movie, you can notice the passion for gambling the girl has, as well as her ambitions to win a lucrative prize. However, after she achieves the desired results, it becomes a great way to earn money for a girl. So, when she strives to collect money for a vacation, she starts gambling again. Well, the girl ends up wagering on sports and losing everything.

The movie gives a great lesson telling that gambling is not only a chance to relish the time but also a responsible experience that requires consideration. It is exceptionally useful for college students who cannot imagine their lives without real money online slots that frequently make them borrow money, miss classes, and do other tricks with negative outcomes.

Cold Deck

It is a comparatively new movie that was released in 2015. Cold Deck is currently a number one film about gambling in Canada, as it tells an exciting story of an addicted poker player who spends all his money to participate in another poker tournament.

Unfortunately, every single time the main character strives to test the fortune, he fails. However, he never gives up, as he is even ready to steal a car or take all of his mom’s savings to take revenge. Bad companies, an inability to set limits, and a plethora of other problems cause significant problems in his life. The movie features an unusual plot that will not let you relax and enjoy the time, so be ready for the intense movie full of emotions, events, and unexpectedness.

Dead Heat

Although the movie is not very popular among casino fans, it tells the story of Albert Paul, who becomes a betting addict. The main character is a 35-year-old police officer who gets severe heart issues while confronting another robber. A single accident made him lose everything, leading to desperation and a desire to commit suicide.

Fortunately, one of his friends visits him, trying to encourage and motivate Paul, but the conversation ends up with talks about horse race betting. The life of Paul changes forever and can never be the same again, as he starts gambling. Failed romances, murder, and a few other crimes appear in his life. However, his gambling career is at the peak after a single successful horse racing bet.

Owning Mahowny

Devoted and enthusiastic gamblers who cannot imagine their lives without visiting real-money Canadian casinos will surely love Owning Mahony. The action takes place in one of the most reputable and impressive in-house casinos filled with glamor. Additionally, it is critical to mention that the movie is based on a true story.

The action starts when the bank manager steals money from his bank and makes a few risky bets in one of the famous casinos. A professional staff, excellent special effects, and an array of other options make the film appreciated by thousands. What happens to the main character at the end? Watch the movie and see.

The Last Casino

The Last Casino is a unique movie released in 2004, depicting the history of the gambling industry. Classified as a drama with humorous elements, it tells a few stories of dedicated Blackjack fans. The main character of the movie, Bill Kaplan, spends a lot of time developing a mathematical strategy on how to increase Blackjack winning. Once he succeeds with the project, he teaches his students to transform the $1000 winning into a 35x time victory.

Irrespective of the ability to count and win, Bill has serious financial issues and other problems in life that do not let him relish the rewards.


In fact, these are only a few most prominent and well-known movies about Canadian gambling. However, if you take your time to surf the web, you are likely to come across a plethora of other options that will barely leave you indifferent.

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