Is It Better To Play Casino Games on a Computer or Mobile?

In the past couple of years, the number of available online casinos has grown significantly. Online players from around the world are trying out different gambling platforms on a weekly basis, and they are benefiting from different welcome bonuses and promotions. 

Moreover, these online platforms are constantly adding new features to their websites to keep the new players pouring and the existing ones from leaving. These novelties include live dealer games, cryptocurrency as a method of payment, VR casino games, and more.

Additionally, there are more and more operators who make mobile-friendly sites so that players can also access their platform on the go. Some even have a native app, so that the users don’t have to bother to look for the site and log in every time they want to play. But, there are still some online casino fans that prefer the desktop version over the mobile one. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the pros and cons of accessing an online casino on mobile and on desktop, so that we could decide which of the two options is better. 

Playing On Computer

The fact that a lot of players still stick to the desktop version is mainly due to the fact that this version came first. When it comes to online casino gambling players enjoy it because it offers a great variety of games and different bonuses. And the easiest way for many players is to access this type of entertainment via their desktop computer. 

The first reason why playing casino games on a desktop is a better option is that users have a clear overview of the site’s layout. This means that they can easily spot what options are available and which games they can play. Moreover, playing on a desktop is easier since the player can use both a mouse and the keyboard. Unlike the mobile version, this one doesn’t feel cramped, and the users can enjoy all the animations and effects on a bigger screen.

Additionally, there are welcome offers and promotions that are only available for players who access a gambling website via a desktop computer. 

However, one of the negative sides includes having to stay at home, or at least next to a bulky computer or laptop while you play games. The best-case scenario would be carrying a laptop around and trying to find a wi-fi connection so you can log into your account. 

Playing On A Mobile Device

One of the most obvious perks of playing on a mobile device is that it enables the players to access the gambling website no matter where they are. There are some online casinos that have a mobile-friendly website, and there are those operators who have a downloadable app so that the players can access their favourite games almost instantly. 

Moreover, there are some operators that offer mobile-specific bonuses and promotions, so that only those who play via smartphones and tablets can get them. 

However, some players find that playing on a mobile device can be a bit hard, especially if they have smaller screens. But one of the main issues with this type of online casinos is that there are still many operators who don’t have a mobile-friendly website nor an app. 


In the end, we can only come to the conclusion that it all depends on your own personal preference. Both of these versions of online casinos have their good and their bad sides. And any player should make a choice based on what they like. Another option that all players should keep in mind is that they can always opt for both. They can install the online casino app so they can play their favourite games on the go, and they can visit the operator of their choice from their desktop computer when they are at home. 

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