How Hollywood Films Affect The Audience

Everybody has a favourite film that stays with them throughout their lives. That is something that isn’t really much of a secret, but the specific movie that somebody likes is their own preference. Some people love Titanic, while others have a preference for Goodfellas. Both are contrasting films in every sense but both equally popular. While some people prefer animated movies like Toy Story or Beauty and the Beast and some people prefer horrors like Scream and The Shining. Everybody’s preference is completely different.

But regardless of your favourite film, they impact you in ways that you may not even realise. How much a movie reflects in your own life is simply down to have much of an impact the film had on your life.


The most common way in which people stay connected with their favourite films is through their style. A film such as James Bond emphasises coolness and smart dress. Fans of the Bond films will typically be those that dress up the smartest on a night out and will dress up a suit as often as they can to feel like they are 007 himself. The same goes for Harry Potter fans; they will wear t-shirts that resonate with characters from the films. T-shirts with the colours of the houses such as Gryffindor and Slytherin were standard on a trip to the cinema to see Potter battle the evil Voldemort.

That’s not even mentioning Grease. The music film which features John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John saw a renaissance in the number of people wearing leather jackets due to the popularity of the movie and the songs getting stuck in audiences’ heads for weeks on end.


For those that play console games, they would instantly note similarities between certain games and films. Games such as Grand Theft Auto drew resemblances to Mafia movies such as Goodfellas and Scarface as characters can control and dress their player as somebody like that before causing havoc like the characters in those films would. This comparison doesn’t end at just console games either, as casinos such as https://www.novibet.co.uk/casino have tapped into the market of popular films. Slot games that are available on casinos which are modelled on films include Batman, Superman and Star Wars.

The popularity of these types of games have continued to excel and encourage new players to get involved in casino games; which can only be good for the sector.


Without even the viewer noticing, films can change the way that you speak. Films such as Clueless and Ghostbusters introduced the words to terms such as ‘my bad’ and ‘toast’ respectively. The latter of the phrases is still used to describe the bread that we eat at breakfast, but the 1984 release of Ghostbusters added another way to use the word. When Bill Murray uttered the words: “All right, this chick is toast,” nobody could see it becoming as commonly used as it is today. 

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, this was the first time that anybody had ever used the worst to describe doom or death. These are only two of the words that films have introduced to us, but there are countless other examples.

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