Has Gaming Defeated Hollywood?

Hollywood was once king of the entertainment jungle, but now the gaming industry is starting to blur the lines between the silver screen and the screens we play games on at home. Developers are creating games that offer more realistic gameplay and snatching up stars from the big screen for lucrative voiceover roles.

Games have become storytelling platforms in their own right. Instead of simply hammering your way through a level, you can now enjoy immersive cutscenes and follow a narrative. Here, we’ve looked at how the gaming industry is already matching up to Hollywood, as well as what could happen next.



In days past, actors would only lend their voices to video games but now we’re witnessing their likeness translated into games via CGI and motion capture technology.

Game developers want characters to appear realistic, so real people acting out scenes is the main way of achieving this.


To capture the likeness in appearance and movement, small markers are attached to the actor’s face. They are then asked to perform their scene and every movement they make is translated into a piece of software and enhanced by digital designers.



VR is making waves – for those who can afford the tech. Players can become the character or at least feel like they’re immersed in the game with many requiring you to move and stand as if you were really in the environment. The virtual reality gaming market is forecast to surpass $22bn in 2020 and could grow to have a value of over $40bn by 2024!


It looks like the gaming industry is set to overtake the world of Hollywood in the near future. As more actors dip their toes in the world of voicing and offering their likeness to characters, we should see the worlds of Hollywood and games blend further.

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