Films with a Canadian twist that you must see

Who has never heard of Canada? The North American country of 38 million inhabitants is surprisingly large (9.985 million km²) and the second largest in the world, only behind Russia. According to studies, Canadians are also the second happiest people in the world, and it should not be surprising, since it is a country full of natural resources, water capacity, quality of life, safety, and multiculturalism.


When it comes to cinema, the country and the artists born in it are magnificent. Many of the world’s most successful movies and series were shot in Canada, taking advantage of the immense natural beauty that the North American country has to offer. The scenery is ideal, whether for a contemporary or vintage production. The Twilight Saga, the world acclaimed Vampire Diaries and Vikings with their legendary warriors are some examples that can be cited.


In the same sense, Canada is the cradle of many talents of the cinema and TV industry, with actors and actresses known worldwide and acclaimed for their work by their audiences. Some of them are: 

  • Jim Carrey – Ontario 
  • Pamela Anderson – British Columbia
  • Ryan Reynolds – Vancouver
  • Rachel McAdams – Ontario 

Whether alone or together with a special companion like the sensual escorts of the United Kingdom, taking some time for a popcorn session watching some must-see productions is always welcome.


Thinking about it, Skokka will list 8 Canadian movies or productions with Canadian actors that need to be seen as soon as possible.


Café de Flore – 2010

The plot takes place in two different moments: Montreal in the present days and Paris in the 60s… In the beginning, DJ Antoine is madly in love with his girlfriend Rose, but he is still suffering from the traumas caused by the end of his relationship with the mother of his children, Carole. The second story is about the mother of a young man with Down’s Syndrome who ends up falling in love with a girl with the same disease as him.


Les Amours Imaginaires (Imaginary Loves) – 2011

On a beautiful day, everything changes. Someone catches your eye, be it for aesthetic, intellectual, personality or a mix of all of these. This happens to Francis and Marie when Nicolas moves to Montreal. The plot evolves and what was just a friendship turns into a desire for a common object, then the dispute for the boy’s heart begins.


Ace Ventura – 1994

Here we talk about classics, the trilogy of Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura, a detective specializing in crimes involving animals, got a lot of laughs from the public at the time and continues to shine even today as one of his most acclaimed performances. A must-see!

How I Met Your Mother – 2004

Who wasn’t enchanted by the brilliant performance of Cobie Smulders as the journalist Robin Scherbatsky in How I Met Your Mother? The actress also played a Canadian character who went to the USA with the dream of working in a successful TV news program. Brilliant.


C.R.A.Z.Y – Crazy in Love- 2005

In this drama set in the 1960s, Zachary Beaulieu discovers new nuances of his sexuality: his homosexuality. The young man suffers the reflexes of the prejudice typical of that time and tries to deal with the situation in the best way so as not to disappoint his conservative parents.


Blindness – 2008

Based on the novel by Portuguese writer José Saramago, the film is an explosion of feelings, arousing compassion, repulsion, horror, wonder… the drama unfolds as an epidemic of blindness hits the city, people then struggle to survive without sight and have their instincts tested by the absence of their basic needs.


Red Riding Hood – 2011

In this modern version of the classic story of Little Red Riding Hood, Valerie is in love with Peter, with whom she intends to run away. However the plan does not succeed when Valerie’s older sister is murdered in the small village by a werewolf. A new version of a classic – well worth a look!

Mommy – 2014

This acclaimed Canadian drama was directed by Xavier Dolan and tells the story of Steve, a young man with hyperactivity, who sometimes turns out to be aggressive. His mother Diane struggles with his disturbance and unpredictable behaviours and finds in their neighbour Kyla, the affection and support they needed.


There are many successful masterpieces produced by directors, actors or on Canadian soil that you can check in theaters with one of the hot private escorts from Australia. Each one is worth checking out and finding out a bit more about the culture of the North American country.


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