Canadian Sci-fi Cinema – You Definitely Want to Check It Out!

Fans of sci-fi movies are bound to know quite a few excellent productions origination from Canada. Today, we take a deeper look at the best Canadian sci-fi movies.

Sci-Fi in Canadian Cinema: Not Half Bad

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Apart from iGaming, though, you have Netflix, and Netflix is a place where you can find some pretty decent Canadian sci-fi productions. If you do love quality work of science fiction cinema, then the following shows are something you absolutely must put on your list! 


Continuum is a brilliant show which will have the crowd in suspense. Hundreds of years into the future, the human race will create a benevolent artificial intelligence, which begins to take care of humanity.

However, a fraction of violent rebels decides that the machine is taking over humanity and it would eventually wipe it out. The insurgency led by rebels causes bloodshed, which pro-AI factions and the AI itself then try to clamp down on with more violence.

The conflict eventually escalates and is transferred throughout the space-time continuum as the ringleaders of the rebels are just about to be executed, but instead, they use inside help to travel back in time.

The AI cannot leave the rebels to tinker with the fabric of time and the consciousness of highly trained pro-AI agents is sent back to inhabit the bodies of people who are near dying so they can take over, save the body and carry out the AI mission which is to destroy the rebel faction back in modern-times.

Van Helsing

In this modern dark Canadian horror show/sci-fi the apocalypse has had happened and vampires have taken over the world. Van Helsing, a woman, has special powers and a specific blood type that allows us to cure vampires.

Seen as a danger by the vampire faction, hungry bloodsuckers set out to finish her. As Van Helsing struggles with her identity, the vampires evolve and they end up able to walk out in the daylight, creating a super race that needs to be stopped.

Van Helsing will, as a result, need to face off with an ancient evil which is the originator of the vampire race and put a stop to this demon to save humanity from certain death.

Stargate SG-1

This American-Canadian production is easily one of the best sci-fi productions out there. The military has discovered something they call a Stargate. Believing it to be a portal to other worlds.

In the first episode, the secret base harboring the Stargate is attacked, as the gate gates activated and an alien race inhabiting human hosts takes hostages and lays waste to many of the human defenders.

Determined to understand the attackers better, a team of four is sent into the Stargate where they confront the Goa’uld, an ancient alien race, which has been using humans as hosts for millennia before eventually the stargates on earth were buried through natural cataclysms.

The Goa’uld were too busy fighting their feuds so they soon forgot about the small blue planet that once harbored millions of suitable hosts.

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