Canadian Casino Movies – A Rarity indeed

With the pandemic still being a thing, when I feel it shouldn’t be. That means restrictions on a lot of things. I miss the olden days of going to fun places like concerts, bars, movie theatres, and of course, casinos. In this past year, I’ve gambled at my fair share of online casinos and gotten a big boost of earnings. But nothing has helped me receive a bigger bonus than a casino bonus guide. 

But even that isn’t entertainment enough for me. So I try to consult casino movies. But there aren’t a whole lot. Everybody already knows about films like Owning Mahowny, and The Last Casino. Yes, I know I’ve already talked about something like this before, but this time I want to bring up some other interesting titles to check out. One good example is Going For Broke. It may be a little hard to scope out seeing as it was a made-for-tv film and those don’t usually get releases too often. But you might find a DVD of it somewhere. 

It’s all about a family that moves to Reno and the mother, Laura develops a new interest in a Restaurant/Casino’s machines thus earning loads of money which she plans to donate to charity, but her gambling habits cause her to neglect her family and make some really bad life decisions such as stealing from her business. Nothing captures the importance of family and important values in life as well as what not to do while gambling.

Another one worth watching is Cold Deck, which has been mentioned on here several times, but is worth another shoutout. Because it’s about the troubled life of a man who plays poker. But when things go from bad to worse for the gambling goon, he decides the best way to solve his financial woes is by going on a heist. And I thought my employer had shady shifty ways of keeping his business alive. Anyways, like the title says, there’s not enough Canadian gambling movies out there, but then I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more to come in the following years after all of this mess. It would make for a great viewing once we can all go out and play again. In casinos, that is.

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