3 online casinos with the best bonus programs

Generating new business is crucial for any business, and companies that operate predominantly online have to compete with other international businesses. Land-based casinos enjoyed a monopoly before the internet. Nobody would travel more than 50 kilometres to a casino if they had one near where they live; there’d be no point, it’d be time-consuming, and it wouldn’t be cost-effective. 

However, now that online casinos have hit the ground running and offer their services to a range of new customers online, it has helped cultivate competition in such an intense way that the avenues casinos use to attract customers are becoming more creative and enticing. Some of the bonus features aimed at new customers are the best offers you can find anywhere online. Plenty of fantastic casinos fall into this bracket, but we’ve narrowed it down to our top three today.

Megarush Casino

One of the best bonus programs we have found online is at Megarush. Megarush Casino has a number of bonus deals for new players, which aren’t just designed to introduce you to their services but also to keep you on board beyond the initial introduction. With a potential set of bonus features worth $1,000 CDN and up to 100 free spins, Megarush is grabbing the attention of gamblers far and wide. Once you have signed up for their services using this enticing bonus offer, you can take advantage of a second deposit offer of 50% of your deposit up to $200 CDN. 

Ultimately, exploring various welcome bonus offers is always a good idea, but Megarush is one of the best we have found. Some casinos might provide a solid welcome bonus, but once they have your details and information, they see no further incentive to keep you engaged. However, that’s not the case with Megarush Casino, as they are committed to providing one of the best welcome bonuses we have come across online and then supplementing it with a second offer which is better than many other casino’s main welcome bonuses.

Jackpot Village

Another fantastic welcome bonus offer we came across during our research was at Jackpot Village; it follows the same blueprint as Megarush, as you are rewarded for your first two consecutive deposits. However, they go one better and have a third bonus for gamers looking to receive a hat-trick of offers. 

Their first deposit of 200% and 30 free spins is an offer worth somewhere in the region of $1,800 CDN. The second bonus is 25% and 25 free spins; the third is 50% and 20 free spins. In terms of bonuses, you could potentially net 75 free spins and thousands of dollars in additional value. 

Barz Casino

The multibillion-dollar potential of the digital casino and gambling industry hasn’t gone unnoticed by large institutional investors on Wall Street. In fact, many have pieced together investment instruments for big companies looking to enter the sector from an investment perspective, with many paying off nicely since the beginning of this decade. 

Barz Casino offers a range of welcome bonuses worth up to $1,500 CDN and multiple languages you can select from. This includes up to 50 free spins and a welcome bonus of 100% on any amount up to $500 CDN. Barz is renowned for quick withdrawals and high-quality customer service, so it’s not just the bonus offers that grab people’s attention. Their commitment to providing a quality overall service also draws attention. 

Final thoughts

With such big money now flowing into the area, casino and sports betting companies understand the truly lucrative avenues that these gaming ventures offer for investors. Given that there’s no such scope for these companies to grow, bringing in as many new customers as possible continues to be one of the most important driving factors behind the viability and success of many of these multibillion-dollar companies. Canadian casino legislation hasn’t been as loose as other countries, such as the United Kingdom.

It is slowly beginning to catch up, which might be one of the reasons why some of these casino offerings are so deep and well-put together. There’s much more on offer for those looking to move to big Canadian cities. The fact that legislators are beginning to look at the gambling industry more favorably is bringing in a significant amount of tax dollars, which helps fuel public development. So long as you gamble safely, within your means, and take advantage of the best bonus offers when the opportunity presents, you’ll enjoy a well-rounded experience.

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