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The Latest Shorts on NFB.ca

The National Film Board of Canada has curated a diverse and thought-provoking collection that showcases the power of short storytelling. Ranging from intriguing animated films to stunning documentaries, these shorts offer a glimpse into the creativity and the human experience.

Whether you’re a movie enthusiast seeking a quick but impactful viewing or a casual viewer looking for a break from longer films, NFB.ca’s latest shorts will captivate, inspire, and ignite meaningful discussions. Prepare for a unique cinematic journey as we explore the impressive repertoire of NFB’s latest offerings.

Immerse yourself in the rich stories waiting to be discovered. Let the magic of NFB shorts transport you to new emotions and ignite your imagination.

Molly Movie

NFB shorts presents ‘Molly Movie,’ a six-minute film directed by acclaimed actor and director Clark Johnson. Step into the extraordinary life and career of Molly Johnson, one of Canada’s greatest voices. From her theatrical upbringing to her destiny as a singer-songwriter, Molly’s musical journey shines brightly. 

This heartfelt tribute goes beyond her artistry, showcasing the communities she supports and her philanthropic endeavors. With Molly herself, along with Ron Johnson and Mike Downes, taking center stage, ‘Molly Movie’ offers an intimate and inspiring glimpse into the life of this exceptional artist. Produced by Kate Vollum and with Chanda Chevannes serving as executive producer, this compelling NFB short film is a must-see for anyone looking for inspiration and a deep appreciation for the incredible impact of music and compassion.

The Kudelka Method

With Yung Chang’s sensitive direction at its heart, “The Kudelka Method” offers an intimate glimpse into the mind of celebrated dancer James Kudelka. Reflecting on many years devoted to ballet, marked by numerous prestigious honors and accomplishments, he takes stock of what truly matters in this art form and in life as a whole.

Through the film’s nuanced exploration, we witness ballet as a provocative expression that challenges societal norms and cultural expectations. The film highlights the organic growth that continually shapes both the craft and the practitioner, leading to deeper insights and profound wisdom.

Focusing on the artistry and introspection of James Kudelka, “The Kudelka Method” showcases the power of NFB shorts to provide a deep understanding of the transformative nature of ballet. Experience this compelling journey that invites you to appreciate the profound artistry and remarkable evolution of both the dancer and the dance form.

John Kim Bell: Born to ‘Indspire

Experience the captivating world of NFB shorts with “John Kim Bell: Born to ‘Indspire'” directed by Roxann Whitebean. This remarkable short film presents an unconventional portrait of John Kim Bell, offering a glimpse into his influential journey. From his formative years leading him to Broadway to becoming the first Indigenous person in North America to lead a classical orchestra, Bell shares insightful reflections.

Dedicated to amplifying the voices of Indigenous peoples through the arts, Bell’s trailblazing achievements include founding the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation, now recognized as Indspire. Whitebean skillfully captures the essence of Bell’s groundbreaking work, showcasing the transformative power of the arts in fostering cultural representation and empowerment.

With interviews featuring Lena Recollet, Stephanie Pangowish, Kelsey Melanson, Nightstar, and captivating performances by dancer Kean Buffalo and musician Shane Kelsey, “John Kim Bell: Born to ‘Indspire'” immerses you in the inspiring journey of an exceptional artist. Explore this NFB short and discover the profound impact of Bell’s work in empowering Indigenous communities and promoting cultural diversity through the arts.

The Unboxing of Paul Sun-Hyung Lee

‘The Unboxing of Paul Sun-Hyung Lee’, a delightful 4-minute short film directed by Kathleen Jayme, offers an enchanting glimpse into the world of actor Paul Sun-Hyung Lee. Through a special episode of his Funboxing Sundays YouTube show, Lee shares his profound love for family, acting, and toys. With infectious enthusiasm, Lee unboxes and explores various items, inviting viewers to share in his genuine excitement. 

Jayme’s expert direction captures Lee’s magnetic personality and his effortless ability to connect with his audience. This heartwarming and lighthearted film leaves viewers feeling joyful and appreciative of Lee’s zest for life and his engaging online presence. 

In just 4 minutes, the film offers an enjoyable excursion into Lee’s world of unboxing and showcases his captivating charm. Discover this NFB short and be swept away by the joyful energy and infectious spirit of Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, who invites you to share his passion for family, acting, and the simple pleasures of life.

Michel Marc Bouchard: Speaking Out

Prepare to be captivated by “Michel Marc Bouchard: Speaking Out,” a mesmerizing 5-minute film from NFB shorts skillfully directed by Martin Talbot. It takes you on an exhilarating journey into the world of theater giant Michel Marc Bouchard, giving you an exclusive window into the man behind the mesmerizing words. 

With refreshing candor, Bouchard shares intimate details about his youth and fearlessly discusses the driving forces that have compelled him to raise his voice and tackle pressing issues that resonate not only locally but across the globe. 

Talbot’s direction, complemented by the stunning cinematography of Jean-François Lord, creates a visual feast for the eyes. Brace yourself for an emotionally charged experience as “Michel Marc Bouchard: Speaking Out” unveils the passion, struggles, and transformative experiences that have shaped the remarkable artistic legacy of this visionary.

Rosemarie Landry: Sharing Lyric Art

“Rosemarie Landry: Sharing Lyric Art” is a captivating short film directed by Renée Blanchar. In just four minutes, it delves into the remarkable world of soprano Rosemarie Landry, C.M. Known for her profound love of music and the French language, Landry’s talents have taken her on a journey across the globe, enchanting audiences in various corners of the world.

Through intimate interviews and breathtaking performances, the film highlights Landry’s unwavering dedication to sharing her passion with younger generations. It showcases her ability to bridge cultural gaps and connect with people through the universal language of music.

With its seamless editing by Kevin McIntyre and exquisite cinematography by Geoffroy Beauchemin, “Sharing Lyric Art” beautifully captures the essence of Landry’s artistry. This visually stunning production, accompanied by the masterful sound recording of Stéphane Barsalou, paints a vivid portrait of a gifted soprano leaving an indelible impact on the world stage.

Experience the magic of Rosemarie Landry’s lyrical artistry through this remarkable NFB short. Join her on a musical journey that transcends boundaries and leaves audiences mesmerized by the power of her voice and the depth of her talent.

k.d. lang: songs & silence

NFB shorts presents ‘k.d. lang: songs & silence,’ a thought-provoking short film directed by Laura O’Grady. In a mere five minutes, this film provides a unique glimpse into the mind of k.d. lang, a renowned musician, 2SLGBTQI+ activist, and icon who has been honored with the GGPAA for Lifetime Artistic Achievement.

lang explores the power of silence and the art of listening, shedding light on her personal preference for quietude over noise. Through intimate interviews, she reflects on the essence of musical expression and its profound emotional impact on both the artist and the audience.

O’Grady’s direction, accompanied by the skillful cinematography of Michael Sorel and the impeccable sound recording by Gary Bruckner, captures the essence of lang’s introspective journey. This captivating film celebrates the depth and significance of lang’s contributions to the world of music, reminding us of the transformative power of silence and the beauty of authentic self-expression.

Final Words

These remarkable NFB Shorts, crafted with expert direction, intimate interviews, and awe-inspiring visuals, celebrate the profound impact of music, dance, and theater on our very essence as human beings. Brace yourself for a cinematic experience that explores the depths of self-expression, cultural representation, activism, and the relentless pursuit of artistic greatness.

No matter what you seek—be it inspiration to fuel your creative fire, an unbridled joy to uplift your spirit, or profound insights to provoke contemplation—NFB.ca’s latest shorts are tailor-made to captivate and engage you in ways you never thought possible.


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