Exclusive Birthday Article – Reflections

It’s been quite an adventure (or series of adventures) ever since I picked up this website and got a team involved. When I first got it, I didn’t think I’d keep it for too long, but eventually I got other writers to work alongside me. Guest writers, long-term writers, and some that didn’t last too long but got some content in anyway. It’s amazing how well this website evolved, but also how much I have evolved. During the time of the COVID pandemic, I found the business to be extremely successful as I got a lot of sponsorship. At the same time, I was also getting a lot of interview opportunities. With all the interviews pouring in, I had to adjust to get more into them since reviews were becoming old hat, and event summaries just weren’t possible, or rather just not as fun when the event was online. I was forced so much out of my comfort zone, but didn’t seem the least bit fazed. Especially when one particular interview happened when a different crewmember from a production had to come in because another couldn’t make it and I was forced to come up with new questions on the spot. (I did very well btw)

Not only did my skillset increase, but my reputation did as well. When I started out, I was just another nobody helping make no-budget productions for a local filmmaking group and learning new skills. Now, I’m using my skills to mentor a filmmaker as well as participating in a filmmaker group with the same intentions as the first one I mentioned, except they’re located on an island. That’s not all, it’s pretty much common to see me at film events covering them, and as of recently, I’ve been put on the judging panel for the upcoming Hollywood North International Film Festival. There are two interesting things I’ve heard from connections, “EVERYONE knows Nick” and “Nick has it made if someone mentions working with him”

Yeah, I’m pretty well-known. But most people only know me because of my hat, hence the reason it’s in this article’s cover photo. More importantly, it’s not just me who gets the recognition. It is also the other writers who have contributed over the years. A long-term writer who had stayed for years got recognized in public repeatedly for his many astounding interviews, and now he uses the knowledge he gained to produce his own works of film. Another writer has been able to find work at the Georgia Straight after working for me and even got himself recognized on Google as a writer. And yet another instantly found work as an editor and a writer for a small production company. Some of my latest writers have come up with some great contributions and even offered suggestions in website improvement. Which reminds me, just wait until HNMAG’s 10th anniversary. Things just might really change then.

But that’s not all to look out for, I’ve got lots more interviews coming up, and my writers have lots more content arriving. If you ever need one of us to do some coverage on your project, reach out. We always are looking for new content to talk about, promote, and provide people with coverage to increase their reputations. And if you ever want to start covering films yourself or start any film-related business of your own, just go for it. You never know where you might be within years.

Keep on watching for more articles, and come on out to HNIFF, you’ll see me there and an actual HNMAG Critic’s award presented to one of the submissions.

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