Casinos and Movies

It’s been often said that sometimes movie moments are meant to stay in the movies. Because in reality, nobody would experience weird phenomena or get an instant relationship. At least as not as extravagant as in the movies. One prime example of this is card games. When it comes to playing poker, movies make it look like the protagonist is lucky and gets all the winnings, when in reality you try to look cool only to end up sending all your money down the drain because somebody has a better hand. That and guys who wear sunglasses and visors at these games look more ridiculous in real life.

Now moving on, let’s talk further about the way poker is played. Some movies showcase the interesting style of card-counting and cheating at poker. When it comes to movies giving away all this info, you actually can’t use it in real life, because security is more watchful than expected in the movies. In other words, they know what to look out for when it comes to money hungry gamblers. Also cards are shown to be shuffled more at random than one might think. There’s lots of other examples as well when it comes to Poker vs the Movies.

But contrary to the constant differences in movies and poker, movies about casinos and gambling are really amazing to watch. Some of the best are in fact the ones that are as realistic as possible, consequences and all. 21 Blackjack and The Last Casino are two amazing films about gambling that really get you into the feeling of playing cards and the atmosphere of casinos. Owning Mahownyis a little more realistic when it comes to the dangers of gambling and why it’s always a good idea to use your gambling sense. True stories always come off as more interesting and one example of those is the 1996 film, Casino which is one of the truest and most accurate stories ever. Spanning for about 3 hours, it manages to keep one entertained with a gripping story. It is said that one of the best movies (and most realistic) about the subject of casinos is Molly’s Game, which is based off an amazing story about a young lady named Molly Bloom who starts an underground poker scheme and gets into some trouble with mafias and the police.

But not all gambling based movies have to be accurate down to the detail of getting busted. Sometimes they can just focus on the fun to be had. Or even in some cases, the unexpected adventure that comes with them. Real intensities come from such a film as Casino Royale, relased in 2006 and combines classic poker with explosions, romance, and so much more. But of course, it’s a James Bond movie, hence all the excitement. Mississippi River is another example of great casino cinematic magic with cards. Nothing says playing poker better than two close friends having fun together, because it’s all about having fun and being with people you can trust when it comes to card games. If you’re looking for something a little more on the utmost of weirdness, nothing is better than Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, where the visuals are the craziest thing one has ever seen. Seeing two friends travel from LA to LV on drugs is the trippiest thing to experience, it’s like a drug trip without taking any drugs.

But don’t take my word for it, it’s always a good idea to test your skill out when it comes to poker, the game of chance, and keeping a straight face. As I have mentioned before, there’s always the possibility of trying out local casinos, but sometimes it’s better to do a couple simple rounds with friends at a bar or other joint. Or if you’re really daring, there’s always some websites that introduce you to the amazing world of cards. Online gambling and poker sites or even apps are usually the best way to get started in the fun activity. There’s lots of movies on gambling to check out too that are sure to get you in the mood. Some of the greatest, are in fact, Canadian produced. Take a look at some of the ones mentioned here, and be sure to have some fun whether you choose to rent movies or attend the casino this Friday night.

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