Casino Movies and Online Casinos

Casino movies, especially of the Canadian variety are very rare. But the limited number of them provide good entertainment and some educational value when it comes to gambling. Or maybe cheating at gambling. But sometimes it’s more story material than how to play how a game of cards. Either way, they really get you into the plot and think about the possible income of the movie. Online casinos on the other hand, require a little more thinking and a lot more interaction. It’s easy to start at any mr. bet online casino, and once you’re in it gives you the feel of a real casino inside your home or wherever you’re going, if you’re playing on a mobile device. Here a few examples of both casino movies and online casinos that are worth checking out.

Casino Movies – Some casino movies, like Casino Jack, or Musketeers Forever, shows the dangers of gambling when you take things too far and you’re going down a path of danger. Casino Jack starts Kevin Spacey in one of his finest roles as a corrupt lobbyist with a dream to build his own empire. Things get out of hand when he’s acquainted with somebody from the mob. Musketeers Forever takes a different approach. Although it is also about corrupt individuals, the one most corrupt has a plan to build a casino on sacred Indian land and wipe out his competition as well. Now other movies, like The Last Casino have a much more different approach that seems to be more common among Casino movies. The main subject of the movie is card counting, a risky task you do with a group of close friends to figure out how to earn big money. It’s the equivalent to cheating at board games with a hidden chance card. 21 Blackjack has a concept just like this, and even includes Kevin Spacey in the cast. I guess casino films are natural for this guy. Either way, the two films show the dangers of counting cards, and what happens, but The Last Casino has many more twists and turns. But other movies like Owning Mahowny focus on what happens when a gambling problem goes out of control financially, and Molly’s Game which tells the story of a young woman who used to work for big money only to start her own illegal operation to fix her unemployment. Lots of poker movies are in fact based off real-life experiences, which is almost the norm for Canadian casino films.

Online Casinos – As mentioned before, online casinos are a great way to have some financial fun when you’re at home or sometimes when you’re on the go. There are lots and lots of online casinos and casino games, but the best kinds to play are mr. bet games. Mr. Bet offers a wide variety of different casino and gambling games and even tournaments. Mr. Bet’s games range from spin games, slots, blackjack, and so much more with a wide variety of different themes too. But if you want to try another site, there are many other options because online gambling seems to be getting more and more common these days. The best way to scope out other great online casinos is by reading top rated online casino reviews. While online casinos are more interact than look, they still are lots of fun and worth checking out. Try some out today and see if they’re just as entertaining as some of the movies mentioned in this article. These movies are worth checking out too.

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