6 Must-See Canadian Movies for College Students

What does the student expect from watching the movie? To ask this question first we must keep in mind what does it mean to live a student life. The studentship is a style of living and perceiving a world and it is not always about being young. You can be a student even in your 50s – it depends only on your vision of the world and a thirst for knowledge. Let’s see what is important for college students.

The presence of an experienced mentor. Whenever you plunge into a new theme, you have a lot of questions and uncomfortable conditions about not-knowing. At this moment, it’s useful to have someone close at hand who can help you deal with all the problems. The tutor will help you make a proper decision and develop a love for the craft. If you can’t handle an enormous flow of work, don’t hesitate to ask uni assignments online for help. Without a good piece of advice one day, you can be disappointed and will lose your passion for the subject.

The next point is the skill to communicate with people. Remember that creating a network of contacts can be a good support for you at any time. That is why almost every movie for a student is about friendship and love. Look for your people. Develop respect and trust together. 

And the last rule which is present in one way or another in all movies for students is simple: learn and always work on yourself! Set goals, achieve them and be happy for every little victory. Look for new information sources, never be afraid to take initiative – be active and curious.

We came up with the list of Canadian movies that include the stories based on these three points. We wish you a pleasant viewing and productive and happy college years!


1. Status Update (2018 Canada, USA, China) 

Imagine that each of your wishes comes true by one click on your gadget. The young school man faces such a miracle, but it is not as it seems for the first sight.


2. Public School (2018 Canada, USA)

An offbeat story about a young man who has been learning at home with his mom as a teacher of everything. He is on the verge of going to Cambridge but suddenly he meets a girl… This meeting makes him fail the opening test to the college. His mother is confused but on the other hand, she understands that this decision is motivated by the lack of ordinary adolescent life. The movie about love and the choice made from the heart.


3. Hatley High (2003 Canada)

Tommy Linklater is not an ordinary teenager. He is a magician and a genius illusionist. The story is about friendship and it will be interesting for everyone who is fond of sports competitions, especially of the chest.


4. Slackers (2002 Canada)

The plot of the picture sets on the life of three friends who somehow had learned during 4 years at the university. They earned good marks grace to their lie, trickiness and wondering luck. But this streak of success rapidly stops by their classmate Iton. The first crammer in the class Iton discovers their lies and blusters to call their bluff.  And of course, love will! It states a condition to friends – they must help him to gain the heart of the beautiful girl for him. But everything complicates when one of these friends also begins to feel some sympathy for this girl.


5. Tart (2001 Canada)

The story about a beautiful but very lonely girl who makes her study at a very prestige New York college. She falls in love with the most popular guy at school and for her surprise, he reciprocates her feelings. The student glory blinds a girl because now she is part of the most popular guys at school. But soon she knows that this situation is not as it seems and then the real story begins…


6. Pump Up the Volume / Plein volume (1990 Canada, USA)

The film is about youth, rebelliousness, and music. This is a life-story of one young student.

The youth is such a time when everything seems to be against you. They don’t understand you and don’t share your points of view. All these things make the main hero open a clandestine radio-station to help the young folks with the same problems. They listen to forbidden music and communicate about different bothering questions. The movie shows little details from the lives od the students. How they share the world on bad and good, how they fall in love, write poems and hate life. The problems are always actual.

Sandra Larson is a professional movie and art critic. She is also fond of psychology that is why her texts look always deeper than just a surface. Even when the question is about the movies for students.


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