3 Amazing Canadian Sports Movies

While sports are not a general interest of ours they are widely known throughout the country. For those who are fans of sports and not on a sports team, sometimes it’s more fun to bet on your favourite sports team with money. The best place to do that is at Betting Top 10, where you can find the best sports betting sites in Canada. But sometimes it’s also to see movies about sports. While there aren’t many Canadian films that cover this subject, there are quite a few that stand out.


Indian Horse – A personal favourite, Indian Horse tells the story of an Indian at a boarding school who discovers his unusually natural knack at playing hockey. But playing hockey when you’re the only Indian on the team isn’t easy when you’re traveling into the US where everybody is a racist. This was one of the most powerful films about sports. It is historically accurate, so accurate the extreme injuries really make you feel the pain and really teach you history. I recommend every Canadian watch this, not just for historical purposes, because it’s the most Canadian sports film, check out Darren’s interview.


Hockey Night – It’s your basic movie about a small town (Canadian Small town that has yet to be explored) where a young girl named Cathy discovers her interest in hockey and meets a young boy interested in hockey himself. The guys are all supportive having a reliably goalie girl but there’s always a sexist sponsor who says that girls can’t play sports. The film may seem pretty basic in the way of storyline but it stands out as one of the greatest Canadian films, especially as one that’s about sports. It also introduced the world to Yannick Bisson and Megan Follows before their current roles of Toronto Police Detective and Queen Consort of France, respectively.


1:54 – Not all Canadian sports movies are about hockey (given the fact that hockey is a Canadian sport by stereotype) some are about other sports or sport-related activities. 1:54 is a rather dark and scary film at first involving a shy boy named Tim who copes with so many issues and it is later revealed that he was once a star runner. The coach of the team tries to get Tim back into racing, and Tim sees this as an opportunity to get even with Jeff, the school bully. It leaves you feeling rather uneasy. It comes off as a rather interesting story and things definitely go wild and out of control thanks to the wide variety of mixed feelings and shenanigans that happen throughout the whole movie. Not exactly a good ending, but still interesting to watch.

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