Breaking: Did Paparazzo Really Hit Reynolds with Car?

In the only interview that photographer Rik Fedyck gave after being let out of jail — to Susan Lazaruk of the Vancouver Province — he says “All I’m going to say is Ryan Reynolds was not hit by a car.” He does say more, however — read the whole thing.

The original story is here — or at least the version of it with the best headline: “Ryan Reynolds hit by a car in Vancouver, won’t talk to CBC about it unless they bring Beachcombers back.”

The Vancouver Police say they have security video; maybe that’ll clear things up.

UPDATE: According to People, Fedyck has a court appearance scheduled on the 28th.

Also, the charge recommended by police was “intimidation”, which can cover many acts, including when someone  “besets or watches the place where that person resides, works, carries on business or happens to be”, but hitting a person with your car would seem to go beyond besetting. Something else to muddle the story, and of course the security video from the parkade won’t be shared any time soon.

UPDATE: The Daily Mail has some photos of Reynolds back at work filming Deadpool; apparently the part about his not being injured is true.

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