#CanFilmDay: A recap

Canadian Film Day was yesterday, and of course, I decided to celebrate by going out to a screening in New West and then to the Celluloid Social Club. For the start, I watched The Stories We Tell, which is a documentary that explains the origin of a young woman named Sarah Polley. Narrated by her Father Michael as they discuss the tale of her deceased mother who left behind a lot of mysteries which could only be answered by friends and family. While all of the stories are said from different viewpoints, they are in fact quite similar. A very thoroughly made documentary that explores a family’s history and their lifestyle.

Afterwards, I headed on down to the Celluloid Social Club where they were hosting a special Canadian Film Day event, which was super busy that I got asked to help get out a few extra chairs and as per usual they were screening some short films and trailers. Now someĀ of them I have already seen, such as Grocery Store Action Movie, Trying, and Counter Act. But I did enjoy the movie Ganjy which told a short simple story of a former boxer dealing with dementia while living in a motel. Some old buddies of his stop by to see him and offer to take him to a nursing home. A very interesting short film. Brenda at 10, 15, 30 while very short was also heartwarming and sadly beautiful in its own sense. And I can hardly wait to watch Evil In Us or Cool Daddy which should both be coming out real soon. Stay tuned for my review of Menorca coming out tomorrow.

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