What is the Netflix Effect and How Has it Changed Entertainment?

Think about it, when was the last time you saw a movie in the theatre? Probably quite some time ago because now you can find just about any movie you want on Netflix. Netflix are growing the amount of subscribers they have more and more by the year and on top of this, it’s now estimated that over half of the subscribers they have are in the US alone. Netflix has also catapulted other industries too. Want to find out more? Keep on reading.


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How People View Content in THE 21st Century

Before Netflix came around, consumers went to the movies and they also rented out VHS tapes too. They watched whatever they could on live television and if they missed it, they had no way of viewing the content they wanted unless it was repeated. Of course, Netflix then came around and this made it more than possible for people to watch what they wanted, when they wanted. What’s interesting is that more and more people are now choosing to cut the cord for television as they can now access whatever they want on sites such as Netflix.

Updating Internet Business Models

Netflix was one of the very first companies to use the internet to drive their business model. They started as a mail-order service where customers were able to get their DVDs through the post. Now, Netflix relies on the internet to share digital content with customers. Netflix is the industry leader, but there are many more content streaming platforms all vying for a slice of the potential revenue available.

Another industry that really benefited from this would be the casino industry. The casino industry once had brick and mortar locations all across the world, but this has rapidly changed as online alternatives started to hit the market. Now you can access online casino games from sites such as Mr.Play casino – as an example – and play them whenever you want too. This online movement has helped to give Netflix and other companies the steam they need to not only reach their audience properly but also provide a very immersive viewing experience.

How Netflix has Impacted The Film and TV Industry

It’s safe to say that Netflix is setting the bar. Netflix understands the need to be innovative and the company has changed a lot since they first started out. They have stayed ahead of the curve and this has helped them to embrace trends as they happen. Netflix has certainly affected a lot of industries, but what’s interesting is that they have made a move into the independent film category as well. Traditional theatres now face an uphill battle as they try and fight to be seen. Now, even small films can be seen on Netflix, which is very interesting to say the least.

Netflix is in direct competition with the traditional TV industry, but this wasn’t always the case. In fact, at one point, they drew people into shows that were being shown on TV, but since 2013, they have been creating their own exclusive content that is managing to draw in a huge audience.

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