Exclusive – White Night Part II

exclusiveDan Slater (director/writer), Matt Purdy (director/writer) and Adam Booth (producer/actor) make up Multiname Productions. Founded in 2013, it had its grassroots in theatre. After theatre, they embarked into film and made A Beautiful Day, a  10-minute film about a man that dies and his transition onto his next death. Creators of the web series Wolf Club Theatre, they had quite a following in Russia before moving onto their next film, Fin, that dealt with schizophrenia. It garnered them an award at TIFF for Best Emerging Artist as well as opening doors to insurmountable avenues of support.

Dan and Adam told me once they created the company, it was comparable to film school. They realized they would make mistakes along the way but they would learn what was necessary by the time they were ready to make their first feature.

Currently there are approximately 120 people involved in their latest venture, White Night. An incredible undertaking for first time feature filmmakers, the film will consist of five directors telling five stories which culminate into a sixth. With full cooperation of Nuit Blanche, it will also celebrate the art and its artists that contribute the energy and vibe to the festival.

The film will end with a final scene being shot inside an exhibit which is 25 feet high and 30 feet wide.

Once completed, White Night will be entered into TIFF, VIFF, Sundance, Cannes and L.A.
Birds Of Bellwoods will be providing the soundtrack.

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