Exclusive – Vancouver Web Fest – Seeing Is Believing Part I

exclusiveIf you’re looking for answers on this year’s VWF, just ask Suzette Laqua — it’s her brainchild. She is the founder and executive director of the largest web fest in the world.

She began working on the creation in 2013. When she turned the lights on in 2014, 17 countries entered submissions and a dozen of them were musicals.

Suzette has an amazing team of 10 people that are essential in keeping this well-oiled machine running smooth. Most of them have been with her since 2014. Suzette’s gratitude for their consistent dedication is evident in her face as she gives thanks for skills, talents and professionalism.

This year musicals have been replaced in popularity by comedy. Approximately 50% of the entries are of the comedy genre. Suzette tells me rule of thumb is — they accept five selections from every category. Because of the high volume, comedies will be considered for more screenings.

Twenty six judges from seven countries will represent a wide variety of diversity in celebrating the best in each category. The awards this year are sponsored by Swarovski.

Suzette described them with a twinkle in her eye and an admiration for craftsmanship and beauty. Twenty three of them will be taken home by the winners and create inspiration for the next year.

Last year, attendance over the three-day event reached 900. This year is expected to be their largest.

Tickets are still available online. Don’t miss out.

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