VanChan Season 2 (The Experience)

When you buy two things at the concession stand, you get a free cup of popcorn. That’s one of the highlights of this little fest which showcases web series based in the Vancouver area. Aside from a complete relocation to the building next door and a lopsided projector, everything seemed to be pretty smooth going once they got started. I’d complain about the short length of this, but I do a lot of that in my Twoview series, so let’s get into this season’s videos.

28 Geeks Later (Episode 8) – It’s a vlog/sci-fi/horror mostly narrated by a dreary voiced dork. Lately YouTube’s newest trend includes unpacking new products out of boxes shipped to the YouTuber. What does our nerd unbox? An alternate dimension with aliens. Not enough story, just enough effects to make the typical common person ‘ooooohhh’ in delight.

My Imaginary Girlfriend (Pilot) – The premiere of a new series involving a man who wants to see someone else other than a blue-haired figment of his imagination. It had its funny-ish moments, but somebody needs to fix that room tone.

Superhero Musical (Pilot) – A one-minute musical of the story of Superman. Not a whole lot else to say.

Almost Actors (Season 2 episode 1) – Some students learn acting through a sharp tongued teacher with a fake french accent. Interesting but continuity needs work.

Butt Flo$$ (Episode 4) – These guys again. Only this time they sing about searching for love. Typical YouTube weirdness.

Knight Knight (Pilot) – Two medieval knights come to rescue a princess. And it turns into a game show all of a sudden. Didn’t expect that. Mediocre funny at best.

Fighting over Stuff (Pilot) – Seriously? Two roommates wrestle over a banana. Ridiculous wrestling and stunts the whole way through. But hey, people will watch anything these days.

Van Gogh Show (Episode 2) – Short and simple. Not much. A famous artist (Van Gogh) wakes up in Frida Kahlo’s bed. Hangover knockoffs are losing their edge.

Golden Futures (Episode 2) – Two friends go to a party where mingling focuses on business plans and rich people. Interesting concept. More enjoyable. Slightly.

Average Dicks (Finale) – When a young Syrian refugee appears on a man’s doorstep, the man takes care of him in the worst ways possible with his friends. Semi-funny, then weird, then kind of touching.

The Q&A’s were only two minutes long, but every series contributor who attended did provide some interesting stories about what their series were like and what they are planning next. I am intrigued about what to expect for the next season and chances are the new upcoming stuff should be interesting. Should be…

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