Exclusive – the Perfect Pickup By CheckMate Films Part II

I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Chad Rook (part owner of CheckMate Films) and Shawna Whitney (executive producer) to hear all about their latest and first feature film entitled The Perfect Pickup.

This is a comedy revolving around four single guys who create the perfect pickup for women. Chad wrote it three years ago but has only now been able to start filming (shooting began Aug. 26). Four weeks of filming before going into post is the plan.

Chad and co-owner Nathan Witte attribute the success of bringing this film to fruition to relationships formed between them and Shawna Whitney (Executive Producer), Darin Thera (Executive Producer), Carey Dickson (Executive Producer), Frederik Fuessel (DOP) and Nicole G. Leier (Producer).

Although Chad wrote the script three years ago, he says he’s glad he waited to get all the right people on board. During that three years Chad has had continued success acting on Supernatural, a recurring role as a villain (Weather Wizard) in The Flash and also a part in iZombie.

Because of Chad’s recurring role as the villain Weather Wizard, he has had the opportunity to attend Comicon, which in return has led to forming relations with some WWE wrestlers also attending the event. He mentioned that some of those wrestlers will be appearing in his film.

Chad states that to maintain quality control, it was necessary to seek outside investors rather than traditional methods.

You can follow the success of the film at theperfectpickupmovie.com or on Facebook.

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