Exclusive – Sons 2 The Grave Part I

exclusiveGive an artist a paintbrush and stand back. You will be in awe.

A novelist turns to screenwriting. Prepare to be in awe again.

Lynne Stoltz is a former novelist turned screenwriter/producer. Sons 2 The Grave is the first feature she’s produced. Her company, Have Faith Productions, has two more novels that will be transformed to film next.

Given the whirlwind created by Lynne’s paintbrush, we got in line to speak with Lynne about her first feature film that has been garnering rave reviews.

“Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, Lynne. Can you explain the story’s premise and where it was filmed?”

“We shot it in Atlanta, Georgia. We filmed for 15 days. We literally hit the ground running, considering pre-production was a quick two weeks. It was one of those situations where we have a private investor ready to go and we don’t dare say No. Once we landed in Atlanta, we immediately focused on casting and were so blessed to have found the right talent for the movie. The film stars Trevor Jackson (Atlantic Records recording artist, ABC’s American Crime), hip-hop icon,TI’s oldest son Messiah Harris (making his acting debut), Tyler Perry’s Brad James, Maria Howell from The Color Purple, Justin Martin of the NAACP Image Award winner A Raisin in the Sun, and Emmy Award winner Greg Alan Williams.

“This story is about a gifted basketball player on his way to the top.

“The neighborhood he lives, owns its sons for life. Nobody leaves.”

(To be continued)

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