Exclusive – SexyVoices – A Burlesque Theatre Cabaret Part II

exclusiveSexyVoices is a community based theatrical production created by the award-winning theatre company, Realwheels. It features stories, songs and comedy about sexuality from a disabled perspective. Through Rachel Peake’s guidance and direction, the community performers have been given the tools to best convey their very personal stories on stage.

Rena Cohen, Realwheels managing artistic director, tells me that an able-bodied audience may benefit from learning about communication from those living with a disability.

It is important for someone living with a disability to have a sexual identity, as being capable of intimacy and relationships. Through conversation with the performers, we’ve learned:

“There is much more dialogue when engaging in intimate moments with a disabled partner. Positions may vary depending on the limitations. In an able bodied relationship, much is taken for granted and assumed. It can lead to complications.”

Rena admits that when she joined the Realwheels team in 2009, she intended on staying one year. Her respect for the disabled community has kept her involved and committed to harnessing their journeys into productions.

As the director, Rachel Peake edited the various stories before fitting them back together to create a visually dynamic and engaging performance.

Some stories deal with romance, some deal with sexual exploration and overt sexuality.The theme of this particular production attracted new faces to get involved because the subject was close to their heart.

“We provide an exciting theatre experience!”

For tickets, go here.

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