Exclusive – Oliver’s Bowl Part I

exclusiveNo matter how you slice it, if you’re making films, you are a filmmaker. If that film is three hours or three minutes, you made it for the purpose of telling a story, making a point, or for entertaining an audience for a time.

I’ve never met a writer that tackles a feature as their first film and I doubt I ever will. It’s not an adventure you want to jump into head first. To be good at anything, you first get your feet wet. If you succeed, you might want to wade up to your waist, then shoulders and finally you dunk your head, metaphorically speaking.

I recently spoke with filmmaker Frankie Gaddo, who’s been wading in the waters with his third short film, Oliver’s Bowl. A wonderful three minute film about a mid forties man experiencing a mid life crisis. He confides his problems in an unusual companion.

Frankie Gaddo is the writer, producer, director and editor. His budget was small, he shot it in a day at a friend’s home and everyone volunteered their time, including Oliver.

Working with one actor and crew of eight, Frankie took all the necessary steps to ensure audience appeal.

The companion in the film is a goldfish. There were two other backups in the event Oliver forgot his lines, was late to the set or called in sick.

Frankie found his actor by way of video auditions through posting on Mandy.com.

The quality is stellar.

(To be continued)

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