Exclusive – Motorcycle Boy Productions Part II

exclusive“If you don’t have the stamina to see a film through, then don’t get into the business. You are literally problem solving a thousand times a day. Welcome to showbiz. ”

Their genre of choice happens to be horror. It translates well amongst cultures and they happen to be very good at it.

Blaine Anderson met James Clayton in acting class twelve years ago. James met Rusty Nixon after he was cast in Rusty’s first film thirteen years ago. The rest is pretty much history.

“Do you ever storyboard?”

Rusty answers, “I actually don’t. I prefer to visit the location with my cinematographer to create a shot list. I love to play with framing when directing. It opens up huge possibilities for creativeness.”

“Besides acting classes, have any of you been to film school?”

They all answer, “We haven’t. For the most part you can’t learn about the legalities, financing, marketing, corporate, finishing, exhibition or deliverables. Adding to that is the filing cabinet size of paperwork involved in a production. Making the actual film only accounts for twenty percent of the work.”

Another important tip they wanted to share, is protecting your script and not getting sued for infringements on people or names. Ensure you have clearances.

They always shoot on RED 6K.

I was privy to a sneak peek of Residue. It is absolutely action packed! I can’t wait to see it in its entirety.

Best part of their job? “Working together!”

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