Exclusive – Motorcycle Boy Productions Part I

exclusiveEvery time I interview a filmmaker I am inspired. When the crew of Motorcycle Boy Productions sat down with me to discuss their process of filmmaking, I was impressed no less. They were humble, personable and educational.

Three men that crossed paths years ago, combining their skills to synergize and grow as professionals in the business.

It is my belief that nothing happens by accident. They are living proof that networking and taking risks does have its purpose and its rewards.

Making up this dynamic trio is James Clayton, Rusty Nixon and Blaine Anderson. James is a skilled actor who handles the producing, accounting, legalities and corporate side. Rusty is an amazing writer and director. Blaine is also a skilled writer, amazing actor and filmmaker. Recently, they added a fourth anomaly to the team, Hilary Muth. She is their most amazing assistant that has earned her Bachelor of Business Administration with honors in May of 2014. The guys tell me she is a phenomenal addition to the team.

With the success of their very first feature Down The Line in 2014, they have continued the momentum with Candiland (starring Gary Busey, James Clayton and Chelah Horsdal). Rusty adapted the novel written by Elizabeth Engstrom to screenplay. He also directed it. Blaine also acted and produced it.

Their third film, Residue, finished production in April, 2016 and post is predicted to wrap this September.

They’ve recently signed a three picture deal with Industry Works Pictures.

(To be continued)

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