Exclusive – Connor Gaston’s – The Devout Part II

exclusiveThe Devout was written and directed by Connor Gaston. He met the lead actress, Ali Liebert, at the Whistler Film Festival while competing for the MPPIA. One year later they intersected again at an after party during VIFF.  Connor told her he had a script she couldn’t refuse.

Ali read it and became completely enchanted. She was friends with actor Charlie Carrick. He turned out to be the perfect fit for the role of the husband. The third lead in the film was originally written for a four-year-old boy.  However, a four-year-old, Olivia Martin, auditioned for the part and impressed Connor so much that he was compelled to revise the screenplay.

With all the key players locked in, filming would soon commence. In January of 2015 a crew of approximately 125 were gathered in Victoria and the hard work began. Eighteen days later a film was born.

When I asked Connor his impressions of directing his first feature, he replied that it taught him so much in the way of time management and the value of a talented and dedicated crew. All locations were in and around Victoria, as well as most of the crew.

It premiered at the Busan Film Festival in South Korea, followed by an autograph session. The film was well received and it’s success continues to exceed all his expectations.

Shot completely on RED, the images are spectacular. Detritus Kozme edited the masterpiece.

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