Exclusive – Connor Gaston’s The Devout Part I

exclusiveA crisis-of-faith drama is what best describes the film, The Devout. Considering this film was inspired by true events makes it intriguing, mysterious and very compelling to watch.

The story revolves around a four-year-old girl, played by actress Olivia Martin, who has been stricken with terminal cancer. Once the dying girl reveals that she was an astronaut in a previous life, it is initially brushed off as an over active imagination. It’s only after her father, played by actor Charlie Carrick, asks his daughter for more details, that he then becomes possessed with the notion reincarnation could be real.

Considering he and his wife, played by actress Ali Liebert, are devout Christians, it questions their faith, their sanity and tests their marriage all while their daughter’s condition deteriorates.

As a father, watching this film tore at my heart. It grabbed me from beginning to end. It evoked emotion, the hallmark of a well made film. It certainly deserves all the success and accolades it earns with every premiere.

Written and directed by Connor Gaston, The Devout premiered at the Busan Film Festival in South Korea and made its Canadian debut at VIFF. More festivals are in the works with hopes of finding a distributor. Funded by Telefilm’s Micro-Budget award, the BC Arts Council, U of Vic and CeneVic.

Connor was very generous in providing us with an interview.This is his first feature film. Certainly, we hope it won’t be his last.

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