Top 10 Movies Over the Weekend

The Imitation Game – War Hero who is responsible for decoding the system for an enemy machine to shut it down gets arrested for being a homosexual. Remarkably this has been doing well for itself the past eight weeks. The film has a very good story with perfectly worked effects, and British actors are truly some of the best actors ever.

Paddington – A lost Peruvian bear travels to London to live with a family. However, he catches the eye of a taxidermist at the local museum. Okay, I honestly didn’t expect this one to get to second best whatsoever, or for it to last any longer than three or four weeks but I guess it’s the only current movie that keeps kids entertained . . . with the most ridiculous scenes ever.

Selma – Historic movie about how Martin Luther King Jr struggled to make sure everyone had equal votes. This is one of the best historic movies of all time and it’s really doing well despite having minimum nominations. It must be really inspiring.

Still Alice – Drama about a homemaker who goes through struggles when she is diagnosed with early Alzheimers’. This is one of the best films to ever be made. Julianne Moore is truly the best choice for lead actress and it shows in every single line she delivers. Just the gentle mood setting of the whole movie really starts to make things nice and easy as well.

Leviathan – Auto-repairman Kolia lives in Northern Russia with his wife and son. He loves the beauty of the location and wouldn’t give it up for any price offered by the mayor Vadim Shelevyat. When Kolia refuses the deal, Vadim starts taking extreme measures to obtain the land. This seems like a fantastic movie, just the story alone shows how one can stand up and be brave towards someone with higher authority. It’s also a foreign film, and a lot of those movies don’t often get released here.

American Sniper – Chris Kyle, a well known U.S. Navy SEAL, is struggling to protect his brothers-in-arms and be a good husband and father to his family. Navy enemies also happen to be on the hunt for him. The concept of this movie is truly stunning and incredible. Pretty much every word I have for it has already been used in every single review. Also, it was directed by Clint Eastwood, one of the best directors of all time.

The Wedding Ringer – When Doug Harris can’t find a best man for his wedding, he recruits a fake one from a company. But as the wedding gets closer, so do the two men in a bromance. The film does appear to have some funny moments, but other times it goes a bit over the top with the humour. Still it seems to be doing pretty well.

Kingsman: The Secret Service – A teenager gets hired by a secret agency to save the world from a global threat. Judging by the trailer, this may be one the finest films of all time to be directed by Matthew Vaughn.

Two Days, One Night – French film involving a woman who convinces her friends to give up their bonuses so they can support her after her layoff. While I thought this would be a comedy of some sort or other, it’s actually more of a well thought out story showing a woman with her own struggles trying to get all the help she needs. Also, this is a foreign film, and those happen to be personal favourites of mine.

The DUFF – When high school senior Bianca is nicknamed fat and ugly by her friends, she is ready to change everything about herself with the help of an athlete named Wesley and take down her enemy Madison. I’m not really too sure about this one. While it’s kind of an overused concept to show someone struggling in high school, the idea of refusing the label Designated Ugly Fat Friend  (a term I’ve never heard before) certainly seems like a nice plot idea and the unique characters add a little more to the story. Though personally, I feel kind of old just looking at the previews.

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