3 Best Weekend Movies to Spend Your Loonies On

Some day, this may not be such huge news, but as of this weekend it is: An independent Canadian film, not only made but even set in Canada, is being released in theatres. So we’ll lead off with it:

The Valley Below – This is a drama showing a year in the life of a small town located in the badlands of Alberta. There are four different strands in  this film following the lives of a teen girl dealing with pregnancy, an officer of the RCMP with a strong devotion and dedication to his job, a hard- drinking musician , and a taxidermist who lives on his own, avoiding society.

Chappie – This one centres on a robot with feelings and a personality, very much different from all other robots. However authorities want him destroyed as they’re afraid he’ll destroy mankind. But when another robot comes along, posing a real threat to mankind, it’s up to Chappie to fight against this metallic behemoth and prove he’s better for humanity. He sounds very similar to Johnny 5 from Short Circuit, so if you liked that . . .

Unfinished Business – It’s up to an independent business owner and his only two  work associates (a young teen and a middle ager close to retirement) to travel to Europe to finalize a big deal for their company in order to help them move forward. But traveling doesn’t go as planned, as they make frequent stops at crazy events and weird places. Yes, it’s a comedy, and it could be an interesting one.

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