Interviewing the Filmmakers – 1 Year Later

When I began interviewing filmmakers one year ago, I had been writing screenplays, attended many pitch-fests, attended many film festivals and been to film school. I really thought I had a pretty good idea of what a filmmaker looked like and the process of creating an Indy film.

I found out that the process is different every time. Also, that the modern day filmmaker is your PA on a MOW set, they’re the editors working behind the scenes, they’re film buffs that were inspired enough to take the risk and they’re sometimes your parents!

I often ask each filmmaker why they made their particular film. Everyone has a very different answer. Some will tell me that they had a great idea one day, others might say it’s a story idea they’ve had for years. For some, they are true events that need to be told. Whatever the source of inspiration, they are equal in their passions.

Another remarkable commonality I observed was the relationships formed between the filmmaker and crew. Perhaps it’s because films in the making are scary, they’re risky, they’re sometimes very difficult to get made, and it can be a life changing experience.

The bonds formed while producing a film can last for years and propel careers into the next level.

Every filmmaker will tell me it was one of the toughest, most stressful, time consuming, nerve racking, most satisfying, liberating and proudest accomplishment. They also tell me they’ll be making more.


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