VWF: An Incredible Display

This year’s Vancouver Web Fest had incredible web series on display, and it seemed much more busy and productive than last year. As this was a web fest, Internet series from platforms such as YouTube and other video hosting sites were featured in the showcases from many different countries (you have to expand outside of your own to generate more attendance). Genres of films included Comedy, Animation, Drama, Thrillers, Fantasy, and so many more incredible different styles of web series. I didn’t get to see too many (I think the volunteer coordinators have become wise to me since last year because they kept giving me jobs that had me standing outside the theatre), but from what I saw, everything looked pretty interesting, and well made.

VWF also included panel discussions where the geniuses behind many different web series discussed subjects such as marketing and content strategies, effective comedy style, distributing your series to the right audience, legal issues, and even some editing/lighting tips. But web series creators weren’t the only exclusive guests to this not-for-profit event. Other guests included the two jokers Mike Cavers and Nick Harrison of Fools for Hire (they were really close to interviewing me), the falconers of Team Feathers (mainly for photo ops) and the generous folks of Jameson who promoted their 1st shot party and provided free whisky mixed with soda. That stuff was strong.

To wrap it all up, the awards ceremony was simply amazing. While the presenters all had interesting statements to make about the nominees for every particular award category, it was slightly disappointing to see not everyone show up for the awards. Still, awards were well deserved by the winners who walked out with a specially designed trophy from Swarovski, famous for its crystal. The experience was fun and pleasing, the festival was enjoyable (even when I was volunteering outside of the theatre) and I made many new connections while there. Here’s hoping next year will be just as great.

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