Samsung Canada Presents New Products at TIFF

(Via CNW) Samsung Electronics Canada has recently released two new powerful devices and is now celebrating their debut by teaming up with Toronto International Film Festival to showcase them throughout the event.

The new products are the Galaxy S6 edge+ and  Galaxy Note5; both devices have a professional high quality lens within their camera, thus making it better and easier to capture the big moments at TIFF. Aside from having advanced lenses, these new phones and tablets will also include features like faster charging time, improved synchronization, and the ability to transmit videos onto users’ personal YouTube channels and social media accounts to show to friends and family (so it’ll be you, the average festival goer, live from TIFF). The centre of the festival will include a studio featuring Samsung TVs providing Festival news via the latest Samsung products. Filmmakers will get to create their own personal stories about their experiences at TIFF in the studio.

Samsung will also be getting together with five up and coming Canadian filmmakers who will not only be using the new phones to make their own short films and be ambassadors at TIFF, but also have the opportunity to learn some amazing writing and directingfrom Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody.

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