Cinema Spectacular Third Edition

One of the big struggles about the film industry is basic money making and getting your movie out there. One of the great ways to support films though is simply by watching them at events such as Vancouver’s Cinema Spectacular.

The event host Laurel Brown talked about funding challenges before the show, making it evident why this yearly little festival was created.

With 18 different titles from six provinces (and a goal to someday reach all places in Canada), the event hosted incredible and touching content such as Choke Hold (two men meet up at the same party every night and pull a jiu jitsu move on each other), Up and Down (a teenage girl learns how to become an expert at working a yo-yo), and Noise of Silence (Vancouver-based lesson on sounds of the city). Some funny content included Networking with James (young fellow tries to talk to an important person), Dime (a lesbian couple’s swear jar gets heavier), and Sad Hill with Sad Hill (three friends head out to re-enact a scene from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly). Then there was abstract content like Away Home (quick snippets of a hockey game), Postcards from a Ghost (duo-screen documentary about a dance troop who discuss their lives as artists), and The Girl Bunnies. Rocketship (stop-motion of some pink toy bunnies that meet a green alien bunny in space).

A fantastic little event that gave me something fun to do on a Sunday. The films were interesting to watch and there was a nice choice of sponsors for the raffle as well. Nothing sponsors film events better than the usual other struggling businesses — as well as any establishment that provides beer or ice cream.

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