Top 3 Canadian Educational Movies

To many, movies are a form of entertainment thus don’t have much benefit for school work. As such, many parents struggle to regulate kids time on Television, to ensure it does not impact negatively on their results.

However, did you know you can harness the power of entertainment and focus it on imparting educational information? With educational movies, you get to break the traditional norm of teaching and also reach children in a fun way they relate to.

With the plethora of movies available in the market, finding a suitable film to educate your students may seem impossible. To ensure that you get a relevant film, here are the top three educational films in Canada.

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  1. On all fronts: WW2 and the NFB/ Propaganda: The battle for hearts and minds

In the history classes, world war two and propaganda are issues you must come across. Owing to the number of resources in the market, getting all aspects can be daunting. With a movie, however, you get to relate to vital issues and grasp plenty of information.

For an unbiased insight on the issues, “the battle for hearts and minds” remains the best educational movie. Apart from its historical accuracy, the film tackles several aspects, therefore, ensuring you are well versed with the era.

Thisfilm is combined with a lesson plan that gives insight intothe role of propaganda in WW2. Unlike other films, this movie providesperspective on the partof propaganda in persuading the public. Additionally, the movie shows the government’s effort in influencing the behavior of the people in world war two.

As a result, this can be used to create critical thinking in students on media and news. Due to the lesson plans, the movies giveyou a platform to engage students in class activities thus ensuring that students relate to various facts. Also, the movie ensures that students can address multiple approaches of WW2 with precision, therefore, excelling in history classes.

  1. Al Purdy: “A sensitive ”

To learn poetry and language, there is no better way than taking a pick into the thought process of an iconic poetry persona in Canada. As such, “a sensitive man” remains the best educational movie for poetry and language.

Based on the life of Al Purdy, this film shows the honest, skillful approach to poetry and a certain sense of self. Unlike some movies for education in the market, this film introduces novice poets to the art and imparts crucial knowledge needed to propel them ahead.

As a result, one gets to muster the do’s and don’ts of poetry thus earning their spurs in a poetryclass. This 1988 Canadian film gives the traditional Canadian setting and caters for Canadian language and colloquialisms.

Owing to this fact, this movie can be used in language and poetry classes thus enriching students with relevant poetic information. However, if you wish to have professional insight into the film ensure you get professional help on homework for you. As a result, you get to tackle all relevant aspects of the movie and still acquire as much knowledge as possible on poetry.

  1. Black Hands: Trial of an arsonist slave

The story of Marie-Josephe Angelique, a black slave accused of burning Montreal in 1734 sparks a series of interviews. After the epic trial of the slave, she is tortured and served with a death sentence.

However, the question that remains unclear was if she was guilty or a victim of a bigger conspiracy. To shed light on racism crime and fires in Quebec province, this remains the best Canadian educational movie.

To ensure that your students grasp as much detail of the Canadian slavery history as possible, the movie infuses theatrical re-enactments and interviews. Unlike other historical educative films, this possesseshistorical accuracy and detailed sources.

As a result, you get a better chance to delve into the multifaceted Canadian history without missing any details. With the trial of an arsonist slave, you get a closer look at slavery in Canada and how it differed from other areas.

Given the emotional nature of slavery, addressing the topic usually proves a hard task. However, the movie ensures that you teach slavery in Canada in the right way thus imparting information without sparking conflicts.

Although it is hard to find copies for this, school libraries possess this film, therefore, an excellent start point to check. To ensure that you get a closer look at details contained in this film, visit homework for you and have seasoned curators put up an essay inclusive of all aspects. This will ensure that you rip the most from the movie, therefore, acing history classes.

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