Sing Like Celine Dion: 6 Steps To Becoming a Great Female Powerhouse Singer

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Do you want to have the powerful voice characteristics of Celine Dion? Are you inspired to sing better because of her? Do you hear her on the radio all the time? If you want to sing, not precisely the same, like that, but you are not certain about where and how to start, do not worry.


There are steps that you can take on how to be a great female powerhouse singer just like Celine Dion. In this post, you will learn and understand how to escalate or improve your voice so that you can sing like a powerhouse singer just like Celine Dion. Read on!

Know the Terminologies

Belting is usually referred to as powerhouse singing by most people. However, belting does not always, for the most part, coequal very clamorous vocals. It is a vocal style that, more often than not, found or heard in Broadway singing.


Belting provides the illusion or mirage that the chest voice is, in most instances, shifted up high into the head voice range. As a matter of fact, professional singers must, believe it or not, learn to blend the two voices to generate a pressure-free and seamless tone.


Singing only with your chest voice as high as you can go will cause damage and put too much pressure on your voice. Chest voice is, for the most part, the voice you usually use to talk and produces mostly in your chest. On the other hand, head voice is the lighter, higher voice most people utilize when singing softly and it produces primarily in your head.

Remember That Everyone Has A Unique Color or Timbre of Voice

There are four main types of the timbre of voice that one can have. Let’s start with the heaviest tone called Dramatic. Dramatic voices are the fullest and heaviest among all vocal timbres. Singers like Laura Branigan have this color of voice. She can belt or sing powerfully for a long and has a powerful resonance. Singers with dramatic vocal timbres can manage to belt for long periods and can sing over loud bands.


Moving on, Spinto, an Italian term for pushed, is the second heaviest vocal timbre. Christina Aguilera is one of the singers that are considered Spinto singers. She can manage to belt or sing powerfully at recurrent levels. Plus, Spinto singes usually sound incredibly edgy.


Furthermore, Lyric voices are light vocal timbres. If Lyric singers use their voices properly, they’ll surely overpower or overwhelm Dramatic singers. Lyric singers like Celine Dion belt with power and ease. However, now and then, the sound may be too delicate or floaty to listen all the time.


Lastly, the lightest vocal timbre on the list is Soubrette. It is a term used for both range and color. This type of vocal tone is higher-toned voices, resembling and cutting the sound of a bell. If you sing powerfully, then your head voice is soubrette. Why? It is because the higher timbre you have in your head voice expands the range of your chest voice, making it more powerful and stronger.

Know Your Range

Once you know your vocal timbre, you must figure out or discover your range by now. So, there are three terms to illustrate the range. First, the lowest voice for female singers is an alto. Next, is mezzo-soprano. Then, sopranos, which is the highest tone for female singers.


To figure out your range, find for a keyboard or a piano and search for the middle C. Sing against the key, and determine how high can or low can make you go. It will give you a broad idea of which range you are in.

Range Does Not Say Whether You Can Be a Belter or Not

Keep in mind that even if you are an alto, you can still sing powerfully. An excellent example of this is Toni Braxton. She’s an alto and has a voice that’s dark than a soprano. Although Toni Braxton can sing low comfortably, she does have a robust vocal color.

Have A Good Knowledge About Mixed Voice

Mixed voice is a mixture of head voice and chest voice, sitting between these registers. Becoming familiar with mixed voice and strengthening it takes a massive deal of pressure and toil off of your voice when singing powerfully. Also, it allows you to sing even higher than usual.


However, mixed voice can sound like nasal since it comes from the nasal cavity. But do not worry about this. So long as it is only slightly nasal, it is okay.


Now you are in for a treat! When it comes to belting, keep in mind to always support your breath well. If you don’t, then you will be very pitchy and will sound poorly. To avoid such a situation, be calm and trust your voice. Do not force it.


Singing powerfully is not something you can be capable of overnight. It requires lots of practice. Also, remember to keep proper singing posture. A good posture will promote adequate breathing. You can enroll in Bohemian Vocal lessons to learn how to sing powerfully.


Singing shouldn’t be a distressing experience. If you feel pain while singing, then perhaps you have gone beyond what you can do. So, if you experience pain, stop and rest. Learn to belt properly without risking or jeopardizing your vocal health.


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