Daily Rushes for Last Thurs in Feb

  • The Canadian Screen Awards’ earliest trophies were handed out yesterday, eight of them to sci-fi TV series Orphan Black; read about it in the Brandon Sun
  • Award-winning documentary Highway of Tears, the story of a stretch of road in Northern BC that’s the scene of 18 unsolved murders and disappearances of women, will be screened at the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival next month — and it’s already sold out, says the Vancouver Sun.
  • What do you call the best of French language cinema? The “crème-de-la-crème”, says Executive Director Tom McSorley of DiverCiné. The festival will present top films in French from countries as far apart as Morocco and Switzerland, playing in the Ottawa region from March 7th to 15th (via WireService.ca)
  • Shaw says 2.3 million people in this country watched NCIS last Tuesday night — but nearly as many (1.9) million watched NCIS: New Orleans. The Acadian connection?
  • They don’t say how many people saved either NCIS to watch later — according to a new study, viewers time-shift more TV than they watch live (via PRWeb)
  • Pixel Film Studios’ tech goodie for film editors today sounds like fun: Transmorph Toon, which brings you “smooth cartoon morph transitions” (via PRWeb)
  • Calgary needs a place to film indoors, the CBC tells us — in fact, film opportunities have been lost simply because everything outside was frozen — and the city government and the Province of Alberta are going to spend $15 million to build a studio
  • Check back for your best bets in-theatre in Canada this weekend — not much new out there, but still plenty to choose from

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