Daily Rushes for First Mon in DST

Also Commonwealth Day — who knew?

  • Something else we didn’t know: The House of Commons’ Canadian Heritage Committee is taking a look at Canada’s feature film industry.  Thanks to iPolitics.ca, here (scroll down to Today in Committee).
  • Arctic Mosque, a documentary that follows a pre-fab mosque on its long trip from Winnipeg to Inuvik, has screened in Norway and Sweden. Filmmaking sisters Saira and Nilufer Rahman went along to speak about their work and their experiences with integration — read about it in the Winnipeg Free Press, here.
  • In a letter to the Toronto Star, Ronald Weir of Thornhill, Ontario, asks why French-language films are included in the CSA’s while the French-language television awards are kept separate. Read it here.
  • The Kingston Canadian Film Festival enjoyed a jump in attendance this year, making 21% more in box office than last year. Read about it in the Kingston Whig, here.
  • Out West, B.C.’s largest social film festival, the Just Film fest, starts in Vancouver on March 19th and runs till the 22nd. It features One River, Many Relations and Resisten­cia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley plus much more. See the Vancouver Observer article here.
  • And once again, there’s a new Final Cut Pro X plugin that gives your video effects without a whole lot of equipment — this one is called the ProPalette Spotlight and acts as a spotlight inside FCPX. Via PRWeb, here.
  • Check back later today for our review of The Valley Below, first release in the Canadian Indie Film Series at Landmark theatres.

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