Daily Rushes, First Thurs in March

  • How do we tell who’s on the A-list today, and is it even still a thing? Emily Yahr of the Washington Post (via our own National Post) has 10 new ways to figure out who’s got what it takes: Prestige A-listers, Marketable A-listers, New-Media A-listers and much more, here.
  • The retirement project/film sideline that kept growing: Two former CBC Windsor staffers have a 20-minute documentary, Imagining Angels, at the Toronto Short Film Festival this month, the Windsor Star tells us here.
  • Freeze Frame’s 19th annual International Film Festival for Kids of All Ages starts up Saturday in Winnipeg — “to give kids an insight to what happens behind the scenes ​of film production” the CBC reports. Also, “we are struggling to find crews in Manitoba, so we do need more people to get into the industry, according to Pascal Boutroy, Freeze Frame’s artistic director. Read more here.
  • ET Canada and Shoppers Drug Mart are partnering to show you how to look like a star. In new segments Fridays on ET Canada at 7:30pm ET/PT, celebrity make-up artists show you how to get the look of the A-list (hmm, they’re still using that word). When you visit Shoppers, everything you need will be identified with ET Canada co-branding. More detail from Shaw, here.
  • Two composer/musicians who met in film school in Toronto and spent over 10 years recording and performing on film soundtracks are set to release their first EP. OzGoode, consisting of band founders Patrick Phillips and Joseph Pittari along with singer Yolanda Campbell, will release Beginnings on April 14th, they announce here.

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