Apocalypse Story: A Review

Apocalypse Story, by Jeffrey P. Nesker,  is about someone trying to figure out who exactly they are, even after the world has been destroyed.

It starts with our protagonist Claire, walking through the ruins of Ontario looking for whatever she can find to help her survive. Singing in French (is she from Quebec?), she enters Toronto. For the first while, it seems as if Claire is thirsty and looking for safe drinking water. She comes to an abandoned store where she searches through a bag of clothes looking for anything useful.

Then out of nowhere someone runs past her. Claire finds the stranger, named Andrew, who’s too afraid to move. Instead he presses a button and they get locked in a garage together. Claire explores Andrew’s home, which has assorted souvenirs collected and organized in a Wall-E fashion.The two of them interact with some of the objects that he has in his home, like a lantern. She tries on a dress she’s found, then he shows her some pictures of his past life. As it starts to rain in their garage home, it also gets dark. The two start to bond a bit as the rain gets heavier.

Next morning, Andrew wakes up and notices Claire has left. For the first time in a long while, he feels devastated, and goes out to find her.

Though both characters are silent throughout all their scenes together, the film works perfectly in conveying the bond that springs up between them.

Available on Indieflix.

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