White Night: Interactive Film to be Made at Nuit Blanche

Multiname Productions has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funding for their newest movie, White Night. The movie focuses on Toronto’s community and its many eccentric traits, all put together into one large elaborate story shot in all just one night.

The film will have five different directors and focus on six different people’s stories as they live their lives through art, while dealing with problems like love and aging — all while asking themselves if their work is truly art. The movie is set during Nuit Blanche, (actually translates to White Night) an all-night festival that is hosted annually and takes place this year on October 3rd. During this event, the festival is flooded with all kinds of interesting individuals with stories to share. They mostly express their personal experiences through art.

Not only will Toronto’s community witness the art, they will also be able to be a part of it, as the film will also be interactive. This will be achieved by Multiname setting up a “Rio de Janeiro favela of boxes” where viewers are welcome to write or draw on the walls, making their self-expression part of the film. Dozens of people will also be invited into the structure for the film’s final scene.  Dan Slater, a writer/director from Multiname Productions, says, “We hope the story will not only live on as a film, but create lasting memories that stick with people long after Nuit Blanche.” To find out some more information regarding the project White Night check out their Indiegogo page here.

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