What do We Know About the Reboot of Highlander?

When Highlander was released in 1986, it was a major flop. The film from Russell Mulcahy had a production budget of $19 million, but only went on to gross $12 million worldwide. On top of that, the reviews weren’t spectacular either. The fantasy action-adventure is one of those anomalies in the film industry, though. Despite having no success initially, it went on to become a cult classic. It even inspired sequels, TV series, and games. Now, it appears as though a remake could be on the cards. If this comes to fruition, Highlander could finally earn the big box office results it deserves.

John Wick Director Said to be Heavily Involved

Way back in 2008, it was announced that a Highlander remake was coming. Summit Entertainment had bought the rights and wanted to make a high-budget version of the original. However, it can often be the case in Hollywood that epic films like this take a long time to actually enter development. Take The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, for example. According to reports, Terry Gilliam started working on the picture in 1989. It was eventually released in 2018.

Luckily for those waiting eagerly for more Highlander content, it appears as though the wheels are in motion. It was recently announced that John Wick director, Chad Stahelski, would be in the chair for the remake of Mulcahy’s iconic film. This has led to speculation that the new film will be “John Wick with swords.” This sounds like a highly entertaining premise for a film. It is not yet known, though, whether or not Canadian actor Keanu Reeves will be involved in the project.

In addition to naming the director, there has also been talk that a remake could be the start of a new trilogy. However, comments from the filmmaker suggest that any future installments may take a new direction rather than just be modern versions of the original sequels. Stahelski also noted in an interview that he was the one holding back on the film’s development. He didn’t want to rush into anything and produce an offering unworthy of its source material.

Film Has Huge Franchise Potential

Because of Highlander’s cult following, there were a number of spinoffs from the original picture. The phrase, “there can only be one,” has even managed to carry on and feature predominantly throughout popular culture ever since. A new offering could spark nostalgia among those old enough to have seen the original, and it could bring back some of the classic lines of old.

The fact that Highlander is still represented in the entertainment industry suggests that there is an audience ready and waiting for a reboot. In the wider entertainment world, for example, there is a popular Highlander slot that features classic imagery from the film, such as a huge sword and lightning bolts in a stormy sky. The Microgaming title was released in 2017, and is still among the most-played slots today. Furthermore, Square Enix was working on a Highlander game in 2008, but this was cancelled in 2010. However, there are rumours circulating that the Tomb Raider developer may consider another release if the new film goes ahead.

While there have already been numerous sequels, TV series, and games based on the original Highlander, the modern reboot is likely to give birth to a sprawling franchise. This is because cross-platform representation is much more common nowadays in the industry than it was when Mulcahy’s film was released in 1986. Highlander would be the perfect backdrop for modern games, as it combines fantasy and realism. It would most likely appeal to fans of titles like The Witcher and Skyrim.

New Offering Could Seriously Outdo its Predecessor

Perhaps when the original Highlander was released, audiences simply weren’t ready for such a unique fantasy epic. But, in the 35 years since the sword fighting adventure’s release, the movie industry has churned out plenty of titles that have similar themes. These include offerings like Braveheart and Gladiator. All of these films have plenty of sword fighting, but are lacking the magical side of things that was so prevalent in Highlander.

Modern audiences that have been subjected to plenty of magic, fantasy, and swords over the years should be more than ready for a Highlander remake. However, the filmmakers will also have to make the right casting choices if they are going to turn this into a success.

One of the hardest positions to fill will be replacing the late Sean Connery’s character. The former James Bond star played Juan Sanchez-Villalobos Ramirez, a wise mentor to Christopher Lambert’s Highlander. If Stahelski can find someone as perfect for the role as Connery was, then the Highlander remake could be a winner.

It is exciting to think what a modern version of Highlander could look like. Technology has come a long way since 1986, so the magic and action scenes are going to look so much better than they did 30+ years ago. If this new offering does come to fruition, it should be able to achieve the box office earnings the original one deserved.

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