WFF Feature Project Lab Rolls Out

(Via WireService.ca) One of the stories we mentioned earlier was the selection of producers to participate in the Whistler Film Festival’s annual Feature Project Lab. The WFF Feature Project Lab is all about taking a producer’s feature project a step further so that the producer can build a reliable set of contacts and get their project better recognition around the world.

This year, there are six producers who have been selected:

  • Michael Solomon, Apartment 11 Productions (QC) with young adult adventure story BONECHILLER based on the novel by Graham McNamee and written by Imran Zaidi
  • Siobhan S. McCarthy, red trike media inc. (BC) with heist psychological thriller/drama GLENDALE written by Wade Kinley
  • Allison White, Away Films (NFLD) with action packed family thriller HAMMER written by Christian Sparkes
  • Ryan Reaney, Fear and Desire Productions (ON) with smart and stylish horror film MASKS written by Peter Genoway
  • Laura Milliken, Big Soul Productions (ON) with romantic comedy RUNNING HOME written by Zoe Leigh Hopkins
  • Ralph Holt, Hill 100 Productions (ON) with spring break surf film SHRED written by Walter Forsyth

This project is supported by many organizations, such as Telefilm Canada, the Harold Greenberg Fund and the Canadian Media Production Association. Whistler Film Festival will be celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, showcasing many original films from creators that people will be able to meet and connect with. There will be many premieres and events to celebrate for five whole days. WFF’s Feature Project Lab will be facilitated by Tim Brown, the Executive vice president of Breakthrough Entertainment from BC and Peter Wetherell, the president of LA film company Magus Entertainment.

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